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Program corrections and changes

Download the electronic version of the program booklet: PDF 1MB

List of changes and corrections

  • Research Track 10 - Defects - chaired by Rudolf Ferenc
  • Research Track 11 - Analysis II  - chaired by Mark Harman
  • Research Track 12 - Mining  - chaired by Prem Devanbu
  • Tool Demonstrations Track 1-2 - chaired by Michele Lanza and Anthony Cleve
  • New Ideas Track 1-2 - chaired by Martin Robillard
  • Research Track 4 - Analysis I – chaired by Tibor Gyimothy
  • Research Track 6 - Collaboration” – chaired by Andreas Zeller
  • ESEC Steering Committee meeting will be held on Thursday
  • Doctoral Symposium, Monday 14:00 - 14:30

The talk of Laurie Williams will be changed to a Panel Session
Chair: Mark Harman  Panelists: Antonia Bertolino, Myra Cohen, Prem Devanbu, Max Di Penta and Phil McMinn
How to write an excellent software engineering paper