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ESEC/FSE 2011 will take place in Szeged, Hungary, a unique place in Central Europe, known as the City of Sunshine.  The conference will be hosted by the University of Szeged, one of the top universities in Hungary and a highly ranked European higher education institution.

With 2,100 hours of sunshine each year, Szeged is called ‘the city of sunshine’. It is the most important city on the South Great Plain and the economic, scientific and cultural centre of the region. The proximity of the three borders provides Szeged a significant strategic role both for Europe and for Hungary.

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Szeged is located less than 20 km from the Romanian and Serbian borders, at the confluence of two rivers: the Maros and the Tisza. It is 170 km far from Budapest and 220 km far from Belgrade. Its population numbers more than 164,000, making Szeged the third largest provincial city in the country.

The University of Szeged has the 70th place in the academic ranking of European Universities. Several of the University’s projects are funded by EU framework programs. With its 30 000 students and 1 713 teachers including 14 academicians, 114 academic doctors, and 643 PhD degrees, the University of Szeged is one of the three leading higher education institutions and one of the most important R&D centres of Hungary.