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SSBSE 2011

SSBSE - The 3rd International Symposium on Search Based Software Engineering - is co-located with ESEC/FSE this year.

The objective of the Symposium on Search Based Software Engineering (SSBSE) is to bring the rapidly growing international search based software engineering community together in a welcoming forum for discussion and dissemination, as well as to sustain the flourishing of interest in the field from researchers and practitioners in software engineering and metaheuristic search alike

SSBSE offers two great prossibilities for ESEC/FSE participants to meet their community:

  • The whole first day of SSBSE (Saturday, Sep 10) is free for ESEC/FSE attendees.
    If you would like to attend this day, please apply at the registration desk when you arrive to Szeged - this application is necessary for us to provide appropriate number of lunches.
  • The technical briefings talk of Mark Harman (Search Based Software Engineering: Automating Software Engineering) on Tuesday is free for all ESEC/FSE attendees.

For more information see the SSBSE 2011 website: