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Call for Papers

Research Track

Submission: 2011-03-11, Notification: 2011-06-03

We invite high quality submissions of technical / research papers describing original and unpublished results of theoretical, empirical, conceptual, and experimental software engineering research. Research papers should describe innovative and significant original research relevant to ESEC/FSE. Submissions of papers describing groundbreaking approaches to emerging problems will be considered based on timeliness and potential impact.

See Topics of ESEC/FSE 2011.

Artifact Evaluation

To reward creation of artifacts and replication of experiments, authors of accepted research papers can have their artifacts (tools, data, models, videos...) evaluated by an Artifact Evaluation Committee. Artifacts that pass muster will be recognized formally, and be fast-tracked for additional presentation. Artifacts that are deemed especially meritorious will be singled out for special recognition in the proceedings and at the conference.

Industrial Track

Submission: 2011-04-08, Notification: 2011-06-03

In 2011, a new industrial track will be added to the ESEC/FSE program. Industrial track presentations are expected to have a strong focus on industrial applications of software engineering techniques, tools, methodologies, processes, and practices, and on case studies and reports on their actual usage in industry.

New Ideas Track

Submission: 2011-06-12,  Notification: 2011-07-01

We invite short papers on ideas in early stages of development. Participants will have the opportunity to present a summary of their work in the form of a short talk, with a paper and/or a poster.

Tool Demonstrations Track

Submission: 2011-06-12,  Notification: 2011-06-30

We invite innovative research tool demonstrations, intended to show early implementations of novel software engineering concepts, as well as mature prototypes.

Technical Briefings Track

Proposal submission: 2011-04-15, Notification: 2011-05-28)

At ESEC/FSE Technical Briefings, participants will be able to attend topic presentations of their choice to learn about the state-of-the-art in different areas of Software Engineering. Proposals for topics and presenters are welcome.

Doctoral Symposium

Submission: 2011-04-17, Notification: 2011-06-03

The symposium will provide PhD students with an opportunity to present and discuss their research with senior researchers in the software engineering community.

Phd Working Groups

This year we will establish PhD Working Groups to stimulate interaction within the student community and between students and the wider conference. The groups will be open to both current PhD students and to early career researchers. The aim of each group will be to identify and clarify the principal research questions and challenges within a current subarea of software engineering research.


Workshop proposal submission: 2011-03-21, Notification: 2011-04-08

ESEC/FSE 2011 is soliciting proposals for workshops to be held in conjunction (before or after) with the main conference. Workshops aim to provide opportunities for exchanging views, advancing ideas, and discussing preliminary results in various areas of software engineering research and applications. Workshops are not an alternative forum for presenting full research papers. If you would like to bring together a group of researchers on a topic you consider relevant and exciting, you should consider submitting a workshop proposal.